The Story Behind Building a Storytelling Game-changer

By Sean Thompson

How the Product Development Process Works

So how did we do it? The design process saw many revisions and iterations. I constantly tweaked, and sometimes even completely changed the design. The original design concept actually looked very similar to a Tagboard moderation dashboard with a small “queue” on the side your social posts. It was a new offering in need of its own UX and UI design tailored to its own goals. Many of our clients (marketers, broadcast producers, social producers, etc) typically have at least some basic experience in video production software — even if it’s just in iMovie. So we thought, why not create an experience our clients are already used to? We designed the product to look and feel like video production software, because that is essence what it is: it allows you to build a story in a timeline-like fashion and play/pause and move forward and backward through that timeline. The experience couldn’t be easier: drag-and-drop layouts onto the timeline, and then drag-and-drop posts onto those layouts. Any connected screens get updates instantly. We even added a real-time preview right within the Producer Tool, so you can always see exactly what’s live at any given time.

Our Customers Are at the Core

Throughout the development of Tagboard Producer, we kept the needs of our customers and partners front and center. After all, that was what inspired the idea in the first place. As a result, there’s a new tool in your tool belt for any live production.

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